Choosing The Best Bachelor Medicine in Malaysia

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Seems like you have been thinking of continuing your bachelor in Medicine since you are here, am I right? Indeed, you are really in the right place to actually consider it as we are well aware how majoring in medicine in Malaysia is so beneficial and great for a career start up. It is undeniable that most people would always think that taking medicine abroad will always be greater than in Malaysia. Bet this has also crossed your mind once, however you can actually continue your medicine course here but feel like a session of study bachelor of medicine in Ireland!

It is like nothing is going to be wrong if you start your studies with medicine because we are well aware of how it would guarantee you a really good career in future. Since we are talking about how you could actually start your bachelor of medicine in Malaysia, you can enroll yourself in the best and established RCSI UCD Malaysia Campus or RUMC Campus that is formerly known as Penang Medical College. Continue reading to find out more on bachelor medicine in RUMC campus.

Bachelor Of Medicine In RUMC College

RCSI UCD Malaysia Campus

Just in case you all never heard of this campus before, this campus is actually built from the renowned international medical university in Malaysia that has been recognized for  the study of the medical degrees in both Malaysia and Ireland. In case you are wondering why I have mentioned earlier that studying here would give you the same feeling as studying in Ireland.

The advantages of taking bachelor of medicine with RUMC campus

As an established and recognized campus to study medicine, there are a lot of advantages that you could gain here. They are:

  • Get to internationally-recognized Irish Medical Education Delivered transnationally.
  • Get to experience an Irish medical degree at fraction at the most affordable investment as the living cost in Penang in a way lesser than in Dublin.
  • Students get the highest quality of clinic training with a lot of important skills.
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Registering in medical bachelor degree with RUMC campus

Registering your bachelor degree in medicine would require you simple steps where you just have to visit their website and read more for the instructions where everything is just at the tip of your finger. Read more for further details:

  • RUMC campus will open the intake session just for once in a year where, it will be open every September. 
  • The duration of the study session will only take up to 5 years to complete. For the first 2.5 years the pre-clinical will be done in Dublin. Meanwhile, after another 2.5 years of clinicals , students will be sent to Penang.
  • As an established and organized medical college, the fees would be so affordable to complete. Where it only costs RM620,000 as a Malaysian. On the other hand, international students would be required for only RM740,00 for the fees.

It is undeniable how this could be a great chance for you to actually start your career in medicine for a better future. Enroll yourself now!