Internet Banking Malaysia: The Important Thing of Our Life!

Did you know that the world’s progress is increasingly developing towards digital? Many sections of our lives are starting to evolve into the world 4.0. One of them is that the banking world has started to introduce Internet Banking Malaysia which makes it easier for their customers to transact. The presence of this, of course, makes humans pampered and feels simple. Also keep in mind that technology is one of the important points in our lives now and in the future!

Internet Banking Malaysia

What is Exactly Internet Banking Malaysia?

In today’s era, of course, many people are using sophisticated mobile phones. In fact, it is not only used to communicate, but is used as a means for every activity, from shopping, transportation to banking or finance. One of the things about the financial industry that is closely related to digital is the existence of ATMs which are very useful for the needs of bank customers, such as money transfers, cash withdrawals to bill payments. Internet banking Malaysia is an online banking service in the country’s capital Kuala Lumpur that operates using internet technology. The goal is to make it easier for customers to make transactions, ranging from transfers, checking balances to making installment payments. In general, internet banking access also only requires a smartphone or laptop, with an internet data connection. Not only that, this service is also free, at no cost and easy and practical to use.

The Advantages of Internet Banking Malaysia

Internet banking is an innovation, of course its existence will provide benefits that make it easier for everyone. If previously people had to go to a bank teller to make a transaction or use an ATM or EDC machine, now only with a cell phone can do it. Some of the benefits that can be felt by customers:

  1. Customers can save time and costs in conducting banking transactions. Of course this is very suitable, especially with the increasingly high busyness of society, especially in big cities. Transactions can also be done flexibly, anytime, anywhere.
  2. Customers can make more financial transactions, manage and schedule transactions at one time.
  3. There are several banks that have facilities for opening savings accounts, time savings, and deposits through internet banking.
Internet Banking Malaysia

What is The Difference Between Internet Banking and Mobile Banking?

Now banking transaction services are easier with internet banking and mobile banking. Although both require an internet network and use a cellphone to access it. However, these two services have different meanings, features, and ways to use them. 

Internet Banking Malaysia

Understanding internet banking or I-Banking is one of the banking transaction services that is accessed using the internet network. The internet network in internet banking services is used as a medium for conducting transactions and obtaining information through the bank’s website. Thus, ibanking is a liaison between the customer and the bank. Customers who need information or want banking transactions do not need to go to the bank office because they can use internet banking. Internet banking can be used on electronic devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smart phones that are connected to the internet network. Generally, internet banking services have features in the form of general information on savings or checking accounts, money transfers to other or between banks, purchasing credit and data packages, purchasing tickets, placing deposits, paying bills, and displaying information on interest rates and exchange rates.

Mobile Banking 

The definition of mobile banking is almost the same as internet banking, but mobile banking is accessed using applications that can be downloaded and installed by customers on their cellphones. The features in mobile banking are more complete than those in ibanking. The reason is, in mobile banking there is a feature to check credit card bills, see the location of the nearest branch or ATM, and features that exist in internet banking. To be able to use mobile banking services, customers must also register at a bank branch office to get a password. This password will be required to login to the mobile banking application. How to use mobile banking is easier than internet banking because customers don’t need a token to use it. However, customers must ensure that their internet network is stable while using mobile banking.